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Danmark Sit Down Tables

SKU: 002 5060A


A contemporary Scandinavian design in solid Ash timber base frame.

Available as standard in 3 different shape options to cater to every meeting requirement.

  • Tri Table configuration allows all meeting participants to view a display or presenter withour visual obstruction, or removes the hierarchal element from larger meetings.
    • 1600mm x 1600mm x 1600mm
    • 1800mm x 1800mm x 1800mm
    • 2100mm x 2100mm x 2100mm
  • Round Tables are ideal for smaller groups to meet and share information.
    • 900mm diameter
    • 1200mm diameter
    • 1500mm diameter
    • Traditional rectangular tables are ideal for board and management meetings where there is a clear chairperson.
      • 1800mm x 900mm
      • 2000mm x 1000mm
      • 2400mm x 1000mm

    Available in Ash Veneer or White Laminate Top


    Made in New Zealand
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