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Free Standing Display Board

SKU: 418 3000S


The Free Standing Display Boards versatile vibrant board doubling as a screen and display board.
  • Sizes
    • 1200mm(h) x 900mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1200mm(h) x 1200mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1200mm(h) x 1500mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1200mm(h) x 1800mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1500mm(h) x 900mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1500mm(h) x 1200mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1500mm(h) x 1500mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1500mm(h) x 1800mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1800mm(h) x 900mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1800mm(h) x 1200mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1800mm(h) x 1500mm(w) x 50mm(d)
    • 1800mm(h) x 1800mm(w) x 50mm(d)
  • 50mm extruded aluminium framed
  • Silver & white powder coat options
  • Free Standing feet
  • Upholstered in Breathe, Crown, and Splice fabric range
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