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KEVA® Maker Bot Maze

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Experiment, innovate and create as you build your unique motorised Bot - then create a maze for it to navigate.

  • The combination of your motorised Bot and the Keva precision-engineered planks allows you to unleash your inner engineer and take Makerspace construction to a new level.
  • Use the craft supplies included or add your own to customise your Bot, then build a maze of doorways, tunnels and obstacles for it to explore.
  • For ages 7+


  • 30 planks
  • 8 half planks
  • 24 connectors
  • 2 motorised bots
  • 6 tumble blocks
  • 3 bumper balls
  • Various craft supplies: googly eyes, pipe cleaners, feathers, pom-poms, glue dots, string, tape, felt and foam

KEVA® Planks Educator Guide


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