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Longspan Racking System

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Longspan Racking is a strong and very simple shelving system. Shelves are rated for up to 600kg each. Longspan is available in a large range of sizes so it is very versatile and adaptable. 
  • Modular - available in many sizes, easily adjusted and added on to.
  • Standard shelf widths are 1200mm, 1800mm, 2400mm & 2700mm
  • Standard shelf depths are 450mm, 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm
  • Standard heights are 900mm, 1800mm, 2400mm & 2700mm
  • Shelves are rated for up to 600kg each
  • Standard colour is Light Grey. Shelves are MDF
Enquire now for help on how this system can be configured to your requirements.


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